Tips to boost your confidence!

Originally posted on January 12, 2022.

We now know that the whole world can change in a split second, which can be scary, especially when change seems to be something we have no control over. It gets even worse if you’re doubting yourself in the middle of it all, and you’re not sure of your own abilities to keep up. But instead of freezing in situations that require action, it’s important to have the tools to shift your mindset from freeze to thinking and taking aligned action.

If you’re feeling the insecurities of the current situation or simply hoping to do better in life, here are a few tips to help you manage your confidence and keep on keeping on:

Stop doubting yourself

Instead of doubting, start to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is nothing other than a concept in your mind. It becomes reality when you back it up with your actions. Thus, pay attention to what kind of actions you’re regularly taking. Are those actions backing up the concept of doubt or the concept of belief? What can you do differently? 

When you shift your actions to be aligned with believing in yourself, you shift your doubts and reactions, too. This will help you transform your entire relationship with yourself and the world around you by making it less scary and less resistant. The best news is that even the smallest actions count, so be willing to start small and be surprised by the results. 

Commit to yourself

Commitment is key — in anything. If you’re not committed, you’ll be wavering between believing and doubting, living a life of struggle forever. Commitment is consistency — consistently choosing to act in alignment with the concept of believing in yourself. Even when you’re not sure how exactly to do it.

Resist the urge to repeat the same old by actively choosing believing over doubting. Focus on what is the (best guess of your) next step, just one step, and go with it. This will automatically reveal the next step. And the next. You only ever have to know what is the next step, not all the steps. Just the next. And that’s the way the how is weaved in over time.

Tap into seeing the potential

Potential exists all around you at all times. Potential that you have but might not have noticed before. Potential in your environment, in your habits and behavior, in your thinking and actions and in your beliefs and resources. What is there that you have not yet seen and could make the difference?

If you have trouble in seeing the potential for yourself, try seeing it for others. Sometimes it’s easier to see the potential for others first, and in that way convince yourself of its existence and seeing it for yourself, too.

Practice curiosity

Be willing to learn and to change your ways of operating (if necessary) on each step of the way. In order to do this, practicing curiosity helps. 

I’m sure you’ve gotten marvelous advice like “just have courage and do it anyway” at some point in your life. But for many it leads to more questions than answers, because courage is something that develops afterwards — it’s after you’ve done something you’ve feared or doubted that you feel courageous. Not before. So, how to get going then?

By practicing curiosity. Getting curious about what would happen if you’d do that. Or what would happen if you didn’t do that. Curiosity comes before courage, and curiosity gets you moving.

Prepare for success

We get what we prepare for, and what we give our attention to grows. Again, make sure that your actions are aligned with the wanted outcome. Regularly check in with yourself to notice the motive behind your actions and course correct, if needed. 

Expecting more of yourself, of others and your possibilities is about reducing anxiety by shifting your attention from what is and has been, to what could be possible. This inner shift of expectations is the game-changer in living a successful life.

Much love,