Better questions for better outcomes

Having supported hundreds of leaders map out their paths to living aligned, one strategy for making powerful decisions has shown it’s value over and over again. It’s asking questions. And more specifically, better questions.

Your ability to ask better questions will significantly improve the quality of your life in all areas, not just professionally.

Too often we get stuck on how things should be instead of considering how they could be.

Letting this ‘shouldness’ dictate the questions we’re asking only provides us with the same old answers, leading nowhere new. No wonder we continue feeling frustrated.

Let’s change it by asking better questions.

For example, instead of 

  • asking ‘Why can’t I just be happy?’ ask yourself ‘What can I do for my wellbeing today?’
  • asking ‘Is this really all there is to life?’ ask ‘What do I really need at the moment?’
  • stating that ‘This isn’t working’ in a difficult or challenging situation, try asking ‘What is the next best step?’

Asking questions that are non-judgmental help us more easily to generate new ideas and improved solutions.

Now it’s your turn. 

  • What one question would help you get better outcomes?
  • What one question has stopped you from getting better outcomes and what can you replace it with going forward?

If you’d like support in answering the above, reach out for a free strategy session and let’s figure out the better questions for better outcomes together.

Much love,