It’s about who you become in the process

March is coming to end and we’re speeding towards summer. Feels like the last days of winter were already there. It’s pouring down as I write this to you and the snow will soon be gone.

I’m not sure I’m ready for the winter to be gone yet. I’d like the spring to take it’s time before gently guiding us towards summer. But things don’t always go like we’d like them to go.

For example, last Saturday our fridge suddenly stopped working and we needed to change our plans on the fly. Instead of enjoying the outdoors, we went shopping. Instead of having a game night with family, we spent the evening by setting up the new appliances.

As some of the changes confuse or irritate us, some are a welcome surprise. A few weeks ago I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend this 3-day seminar this week and now I actually can (and am participating). A year ago, if someone’d said that I have my first book out in the early 2021, I would have laughed in disbelief. And now it’s true.

Life doesn’t ask us what we think about the changes it brings into our lives. Those changes just happen. And life always wins.

So, with a sigh, I surrender to whatever is and answer life’s call on being of service to the best of my abilities. Service to the world, service to my customers, service to the higher power and to the greater good of all.

Because I’ve learned that better than what we get, out of anything, is who we become in the process.

This lesson of enjoying already the process has allowed me to let go of the need to control the outcome. When our wellbeing is not dependent on the outcome, then we have no pressure on trying to make the outcome be a certain way or a certain thing.

We’re free to enjoy the journey.
We’re free to enjoy the moment.
We’re free to live in the now.

It is never the tangible thing that is the valuable gain in any attempt. Even though we went out to buy a new fridge (and a freezer), the most valuable thing was not the physical products themselves. It was the realization of how lucky I am to be in this situation in my life that I can just go and buy new appliances when I need to. Cause there was a time in my life when that was not possible. There was a time would have needed to strategize and to hustle and to stretch myself thin to do that.

Now, being able to go get the needed appliances made me even more grateful for what I’ve gone through and learned in life. Grateful for seeing whom I’ve become and how I’ve allowed the conditions to change by changing myself.

With this realization and amount of gratitude, I’m sure I’m able to be of better service to the world again. And above all, from a place of love.

Much love,