Sometimes we just want someone by our side, and it’s ok

Running my own company has so far been the best self development seminar I’ve ever attended. Already in the beginning I heavily invested both time and financial resources on my own coaching and support. I would not be where I am without my mentors and coaches. Or my friends and family.

I’ve always been aware of this side of me that sometimes wishes someone to just sit next to me and be by my side as I’m taking on new challenges and going about new adventures. Do you ever get this feeling?

It’s amazing how easy it is for me to do even the scariest things when I feel safe. And usually feeling safe means that I either know what I’m doing, trust that all is good (no matter the outcome) or that someone safe is there to support me. Even if it would mean that this someone is just quietly supporting and only watching me do what I need do.

The power of feeling safe and supported is absolutely mind blowing!

But before, I thought that it means I’m not enough. That I should not feel this way or I could never be successful in my life.

Well, as I said, this entrepreneurial journey has been one in which I truly have had to face myself and get real with myself, and I’ve noticed that this feeling, this need for support is not an inadequacy. It’s not something I need to try to avoid or to deny or to even change, come to that.

It’s something I’ve come to embrace!

And by this shift in mindset, by embracing of what I earlier considered an inadequacy, I’ve been able to build a support system that works wonders for me. 

For example, I have daily sparring calls with a beyond words wonderful colleague of mine every morning from Monday till Friday, in which we spar and support each other and keep our mindset and spirit high. I also have a partner with whom we have business development meetings every two weeks to keep each other accountable. Then I have my meetings with my own coach.

This is how I love doing business!

I’ve also got to witness this outside business, with my daughter as she’s practicing her jumps and pirouettes in figure skating. She wants me to be there, just watching and in that way quietly supporting her. And I can see it in her eyes how much it means that I’m just present.

Of course I’m clapping my hands, encouraging her with my words and asking what happened if she didn’t succeed, so she can tell me her own observations (and make the corrections).

In few short weeks she developed her axel jump so much that she now lands most of the jumps successfully, whereas few weeks back she hardly managed to land one jump out of twenty successfully.

And no, it certainly is not just about the repetition. It’s more about the mindset. And the shift in mindset started to happen when she asked me to join her as she was practicing on our own ice. When she felt safe giving her all, even though she did not know if she’d succeed, it changed the game for her. Completely.

Even when you know what you’re doing, having someone by your side, supporting you no matter the outcome, can be life changing.

The beauty of this all is that there’s no one right way to do things, business or otherwise. There’s a right way for all of us and yours may differ greatly from mine or someone else’s. Yet, we all get to be wildly successful, in our own ways.

However, daring to be you and doing it your way is your superpower at all times. If you’re still developing this part of you, I’d like to invite you to my upcoming Dare to be You program, where we dive all in on this specific topic. As it’s not ‘out’ yet (we’re finalizing the details of the program), just send us a note saying you’re interested to hear more and you’ll be the first to know as more info is available. 

Now it’s your time to change the game for yourself.

Much love,