Moving from struggle to strength

September’s here! Which means we have four months of 2022 left! Let’s make them the best yet!

To make the most of the next four months, I personally, revisit the following questions first:

  • What’s already great about my life
    • in my spiritual and mindset routines?
    • in my relationships?
    • in my career?
    • in the way I do business?
    • in the way I do food?
    • in the way I exercise?
    • (edit/add according to your life)
  • What parts of those need to be kept?
  • What does not work and has to go?

Getting clear on what works and what doesn’t is the basis for everything else. It isn’t about achieving anything. Or about getting something.

It’s about creating and living a life you actually love and enjoy. About moving from struggle to strength and from forcing to allowing. Being the person you’re called to be.

The greatest and most important parts in my life are my relationship with my hubby and kids, and my spiritual and mindset work (the work within). The strength in these comes from trust. I know I can trust myself.

Funny thing is, that it’s never about trusting the other. It’s always about trusting yourself. My job is to trust myself and act accordingly. That trust is most certainly a keeper. And needs to be carried over to other parts of my life, too.

What hasn’t worked is me keeping my promises to myself in regards of developing my business. I tend to dive in to client work and helping others in taking their businesses to the next level. So much so, that I haven’t necessarily kept my promises to myself. Which, of course, has deteriorated my trust (in myself) in this area. And that really has to go. For good.

How am I enabling it? By actively choosing to work for myself and my business on a daily basis (not just in my business). I have my own coach helping me on this one. Accountability checked!

These, among other things, are the ones I’m trusting on to make the most of the following months.

It’s not gonna mean forcing massive leaps forward. Rather, allowing desired results with consistent baby steps. By being the person I’m called (from within) to be. Even when the odds are all against me and the sky’s falling.

If you have specific business or money goals that you’d like to hit before the end of the year, I have three spots available for private coaching. In my 90-day Momentum Package we create a bullet-proof system for you to grow around even your wildest dreams (now and in the future). Send your informal application though the contact form telling us

  • what are your goals,
  • why you’d like to make them happen,
  • what have you tried so far and
  • how important it is for you to succeed.

The investment is €3720.

It’s time you say goodbye to struggle and forcing, and say hello to strength and allowing!

Much love,