The haywire and haven of business restructure ?

Remember way back when I told you about longing for updated structures and systems for my business? Turned out the process wasn’t exactly what I had imagined it to be. You know, just deciding on what to do and go about it.

First of all, that process went on for about two years, during which through trial and error I tried out many different things. I started with the fanciest things, thinking these must be the best as they sound and look so great! I ended up falling face forward into the “next shiny object” trap, always looking for even more attractive system and strategy.

Listening to and getting coached by few different experts at the same time led to multitasking with several different systems at once – growing my online presence, my visibility, my email list while building an international platform, growing my speaking, posting for the sake of posting and and and …

Needles to say, it all went crumbling down pretty soon. I still woke up in the mornings not having a clue what I should focus on next to make it all at least a bit less complicated. I mean, my original goal was to put systems and structures in place to enable and manage the growth better and to make it as easy as possible for both the clients and me and my team. The result I was then experiencing was completely the opposite!

For a moment, I felt so defeated. And deflated. It had taken months and for what? To only notice that I was in a worse situation than when I started?

Countless of hours and thousands and thousands of euros later, here are few of my lessons learned on this process:

  • Different stages have different needs. Start with where you’re really at, not with where you want to be. Create what works now, for your current needs and update/upgrade when necessary again.
  • The simpler the better. Identify the key elements and keep all unnecessary items off the table for now. There’s no need to make this more complicated than it really is.
  • Don’t go for the cookie cutter solutions – or at least be sure to tweak to serve your current needs.
  • Get coached! I mean, even though I didn’t get it right straight from the beginning with the coaching part in this regard, when I found the right coach, it was a game-changer!

When I found the right coach, we focused solely on getting the systems and structures in place in regards to the most important element of my business – client creation.

And in that, we first focused on only a handful of steps, the most critical. Now that the systems and structures are in place for those, we are starting to leverage.

As I’m one of those step-by-step persons, this approach has worked wonders for restructuring my business! And enabled me to offer even more impactful services for my clients to make their dreams come true and practice happiness on a daily basis.

After all the haywire, we’ve arrived to the haven. For now.

If you’re still in the haywire, trust that it, too, shall pass. In the meanwhile, get coached!

Much love,