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Reconnect with your inner confidence


I’m in!

There isn’t anything like self-doubt in life that stops you from doing what you would like. The continuous negative and disempowering self talk, that people often don’t even notice is going on, makes you feel less confident, shakes your sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and keeps you stuck with thoughts like:

  • Who am I to even want this
  • Nothing is working out for me
  • I should be more courageous
  • I am not good enough
  • I’m too shy or too introverted
  • This is just too hard for me
  • I can’t, because …

Guess what? You’re not alone! Thoughts like these occur to most people every so often – even to ones who seem so confident outside!

Remind yourself of the confidence you already have!

When you feel life’s calling for you to be who you really are and to enjoy, your job is not to resist, because you don’t feel you’re good enough or capable enough or worthy enough, your job is to do the work with yourself and answer life’s calling to the best of your abilities. That’s the only way of living a satisfied, full life.

I’m here to help you reconnect with your inner truth and to strengthen that confident mindset in order for you to see the possibilities life has in store for you!

There’s so much more you can create in life, so much more you can give to the world and it’s time to shift your focus just a little bit in order for you to say ’YES’ to life’s calling!

If you’re used to hesitating and doubting and then feeling not confident and worthy enough, pulling back from life’s adventures, then this is your opportunity to strengthen your confidence muscles, align with who you really are, so that you are ready for the bigger and better adventures you’ve longed for.

My name is Paula Immo

and only few years ago, I was the one on the side line, waiting for my life to begin…

In my mid-thirties, after starting my own business, I found myself struggling with going forward with my life plans. At that point, I really did not know what it was about, why I couldn’t keep the promises I’ve made to myself.

I had clear plans, I knew what I was supposed to be doing, yet for some reason, I just didn’t go forward. I was so frustrated with everything: with myself not keeping my promises, with money, with others not expecting much from me, with my own expectations for me… With the fact that I was struggling in survival mode and waiting for my life to begin!

I was puzzled by how easy it all looked for others and how awful it felt for me. I thought that I need to be different, to push much harder and to be much tougher. It felt so wrong trying to do that, that I ended up massively pulling back from life’s adventures.

I didn’t want to play by those rules and become a person who is not true to herself. There has to be another way to live a fully satisfying life! And there always is!

The answer for me was to focus on working on myself, just as I had done before in my life, if I wanted something to change. I got curious about how I thought and spoke and acted in those situations that did not seem to work for me and paid attention to things that were already working out for me. With small steps, I gained the confidence to show up daily for my life and to consistently take desired action. It has changed my life in so many ways!

For example, with my business, I went from being too shy to put myself forward to now being an outgoing, confident, in demand expert in my field, empowering others to live in emotional, spiritual and financial abundance. My relationships with the most important people in my life, including myself, have massively changed for better. My life is no longer waiting for me to show up, I claim my place in it everyday, again and again. And that has been the most rewarding journey so far!

Now, it’s your turn!

Reconnect with your inner confidence



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  • Confident Mindset workbook
  • Bonus video 1: How to esteem yourself
  • Bonus video 2: Three kinds of value you possess

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