From control to empowerment ?

Have you ever noticed the amount of time and energy wasted on trying to 

  1. manipulate the beliefs, decisions and behavior of others?
  2. demand events / circumstances / situations to turn out exactly like you want them to?

It’s a lot. Trust me.

Yet how do we feel as a consequence?
Increasingly angry? Frustrated? Disempowered?

Not exactly what we were looking for, is it?

The transformation in my life has been tremendously positive since I started consciously practicing the shift from control to empowerment few years ago. Up until then, I didn’t know how to actively practice so that it would result in sustainable changes.

Now, I have

  • more energy
  • less anxiety
  • better relationships
  • more creativity
  • greater sense of sanity, really! 

That’s what empowerment is about. 

Practiced consciously, it’s a process of increasing your (and others) capacity to make choices that work on more than just one level. It’s grounded in the sincere intent to be respectful, trusting, clear, open to possibilities and willing to let go. 

We move from pushing to allowing, from demanding to inviting, from rigid to flexible and from closed to open.

Can you imagine how this affects your life?
Not only now, but also in the long term?

The power is in the release, not control.

But how to release? There’s a five step process to it. Book a free 45-minute strategy session with me and let’s explore if it’s something you’d like to engage in.

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Much love,