Exciting happiness news 💃

I’m excited to share that once again I’ve been selected to both speak and run a workshop at the Gross Global Happiness Summit 2023! Hosted through the United Nations-established University for Peace, this event convenes leaders in the field of happiness and well-being from around the globe to share thought leadership, engage in conversation and inspire incorporation of this material into your life, both personally and professionally.

In the 15-minute Be the Change talk I speak about sustainable happiness and in the workshop, together with our team from the Finnish Happiness Research Association, we guide you through five different viewpoints on happiness that, used together, measurably decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety, while at the same time, increase happiness.

This is going to be such a transformational event!

Another good news is that we’re working on few articles on happiness, first of which is coming out in Rise of Happiness magazine within few months! There’s a lot of interest around this topic.

When both individuals and organizations understand the deep impact of stress and burnout, and realize that happiness is the inverse of burnout, that’s when the magic starts to happen. The results we’ve gotten are speaking for themselves. In the last cohort, stress and burnout was down by 20% and happiness up by 11%. All this within a very demanding working environment. Imagine what these results would mean to your organization or team? To your life?

While stress and burnout are costing $300 billion in States and €40 billion in Finland annually alone, we’re in a situation where the highly invested, efficient business processes are run by stressed out people. Much of the organizational resources should thus be put on not only on mitigating stress and burnout but also on promoting individual and organizational wellbeing. In other words, on optimizing the human and organizational performance, not just that of the processes.

And what was the inverse of burnout again? You got that right – happiness!!! And the byproducts of happiness are innovation, resilience and sustainability. All handy in navigating these unprecedented times.

I am running a no-cost webinar this Thursday, Jan 26, at 6pm EET / 5pm CET / 4pm UK / 11am EST on redefining happiness and exploring how it can transform your life and business. Register now and come experience what I’m talking about yourself! 

Much love,

Ps. These weekly notes will change to biweekly notes starting from this moment forward. You’ll find the next notes here on February 6th. This change allows me to leverage the time available also for other writing assignments I currently have. Thank you for your continuous support.