How you show up is CRUCIAL ?

How you show up matters. A lot.

When you’re clear on your dream and goal and know your reasons why it is important to you, the next right step is to look at how you show up for it. For your goal. For your life.

Are you hoping for it to happen?
Are you talking about it, but not taking action?
Are you crafting all those plans in your mind that do not see the actual daylight?

That’s a position where you miss on making your dream a goal. Creating a concrete vision and mission around it and making it reality.

Of course it is awesome and fun to talk about all that could be possible!

And you know what is even more fun and awesome – actually making those things happen. Taking responsibility and not hide under the duvet like a child, hoping things will turn out well.

I don’t mean to say there’s anything wrong with that. There only is, if you’re unsatisfied and disappointed as a consequence.

And if that is the case, then, as mentioned earlier, the next right step is to look at how you show up for your dreams and goals. For your life.

That’s what we do in my paid coaching packages. Always. Cause how you show up determines your results.

For example, in the end of the summer, we sat down with one of my (favorite) long-time clients and took a look at how he shows up for his business and life. The changes that happened as a consequence are transformational.

He does not only feel it in his own being, but it’s also visible for others both on and off work. Plus, it shows clearly in his business’ key figures. Positively.

Whatever your situation is right now, take a moment to notice: are you hoping it to happen or are you making it to happen?

Warning! Do not confuse ‘making it happen’ with hustling and forcing through on sheer willpower. It’s not the same thing.

Much love,