A small tweak to your end result that changes everything ? 

I’d quickly like to remind you of keeping the end result in mind as you’re going about your dreams in your life. Just zoom a bit further out so that you can see the big picture again and are not lost in the details anymore. Not too far out, though, so that you won’t lose the sight of the details, either.

If we lose sight of the end result, we may end up running away from occurring problems and challenges, and further away from the wanted results. If we lose sight of the details, we may end up getting stuck without knowing what to do and how to get started. Of course from time to time we dive deeper into either one. Yet, balancing the details with the understanding of the end result and knowing your ‘why’ is just as important as balancing the big picture with enough details so you can keep moving forward.

I have this wonderful start-up CEO client, with whom I’ve worked closely for almost two years now. For this time we’ve regularly visited the big picture and reminded ourselves of the end result, yet always zoomed back in to the details. The mundane things that need to get done on day to day basis. Basically starting from a scratch, being the one who did everything, he’s now running a rapidly growing company with rapidly growing team and leading it all successfully. 

One real game changer has been that we’ve always translated both the end result and the smaller goals into feeling states. After all, it’s not the things we want, it’s the emotions. We only ever want something because we think we feel better after having it. Whatever that ‘it’ may be. Thus, you always have at least some kind of an idea how it would feel when you have what you want. 

When you do, implementing that as part of your everyday life already now is beyond empowering. It’s life changing. Transformational.

And that it has been for my client also. The most precious asset on his journey has been the person he has become as a result (and continues to become as we continue). Even though we’ve accomplished some pretty big goals, for example in terms of successful investor rounds and more than tripling the sales.

Translating your end result into feeling state also helps you to avoid the pitfall of needing to pay a price in another area of your life for achieving that goal. Usually, when we’re set out to make our dreams and goals come true, we’re encouraged to do so at any cost. I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Nor a sustainable one either. Especially, as price tends to be in terms of relationships and health. Both of which are crucial parts of your success in the first place.

Having the end result in mind as an emotional feeling state, and then making sure you’re already now feeling those emotions, ensures that you’re already enjoying the journey, not just the destination. And doing so in sustainable manner, not needing to sacrifice anything.

Much love,