The magic of direction ✨

Can’t believe it’s already November. As new year’s getting closer, it’s good to take a look back at the current year. Be honest with yourself – has this year, so far, been what you expected it to be?

Have you kept your promises? Have you made your goals come true? In business and in life in general?

I have. And I also have not. Some goals are exceeded, some yet to become true. Some I’m happy with, some rather frustrated. And I know why.

What I’ve noticed, both with myself and my clients, is that the unkept promises and unrealized dreams most often stem from 

  • not having clear goals / promises in the first place
  • not having clarity of your reasons why
  • not tying it all in with your identity
  • not bringing it present in your everyday actions.

Having clear goals is essential when you’re wanting to make something happen. The goal sets the direction to your mind. Which in return, happily helps you navigate your way to it, by drawing your attention to anything helpful in your surroundings. Without that direction, your mind draws your attention randomly to anything.

Think of it like this. Your mind is like a taxi. When you jump in and give the address to which you want the driver to take you, she or he will happily do so. But if you jump in and are not sure where to go, the driver has no choice but to randomly take you somewhere.

Now, what are the odds the driver’s somewhere is the same place you’d actually like to go? Especially if the only things you’re thinking and speaking of are the ones you don’t like and want? Just saying.

If you’re in a situation that is not satisfactory at the moment, no need to panic. Just take a few moments to get clear on your goals and identifying why you want them to happen. And start taking (small) action that is in alignment with what you want everyday.

Keep repeating this and before you know it, it’s part of who you are. That’s when you’ve grown around your dream and are living it. Your dream life.

Much love,