Two mindset shifts that will change your life ✌

During the weekend I was speaking at an event for entrepreneurs with a colleague of mine. Topic was the future trends of entrepreneurship. With our clients, we’ve noticed two trends that need to shift for a brighter future.

First, the blaming of outside forces. It’s time we take 100% responsibility of our own actions, no matter what goes on outside. Yes, we need to adopt to the changing world around us. Yet, we cannot stay waiting for the outside world to change, before we’re ready to take the needed action. The change begins with you. One needs to change her or his actions first, in order for the world to change.

Second, let go of the idea that I need to do this all alone. To thrive alone. Without the help of others. Or, for us who thrive on neglect, without ‘bothering’ others. There’s no bigger false illusion than that. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to build a successful company. We can do fine alone for short periods of time, but if you’re here for sustainable success, then involving others and getting good at receiving (help) is the only way.

These apply to everything in life, not just entrepreneurship. So, how can you show yourself that you’re taking 100% responsibility of your own actions? Regardless of the outside forces? 

In which areas of your business, or life, would involving others be beneficial for all concerned? How would you be able to involve others? In which areas would you need to be open to receive help?

Diving into introspective is usually a great starting point for keeping the upward spiral.

Much love,