Why the best isn’t coming ?

Are you holding on to the old, afraid to let go and move on? Experiencing increasing discomfort in some areas of your life? Not knowing what it is exactly or how to make it better?

This is how it feels when you’re sitting on a life lesson. Both the good and the bad news is that it won’t go away until you learn it and own it. If you don’t, it keeps bugging you. If you do, it expands your life experience, but may feel uncomfortable for a while.

It’s your choice, really. But the choice is not so much about whether you learn it and own it or not. It’s more about when you do so. How much pain are you willing to go through before facing the lesson? Or better said, how good are you willing to let your life get? 

After reading Gay Hendricks’ book The Big Leap years ago, I adopted this habit of regularly asking myself how good am I willing to let life get. Often, as a consequence, I need to practice the skill of letting go of the good in order to make room for something even better.

Learning life lessons is the same. Letting go of old limiting beliefs that stop us from healing and growing and adopting new, more constructive beliefs that enhance our happiness and wellbeing.

Simple as that. Yet, the process of actually living it and going through with it is another story. It’s said that our strongest instinct is not the survival instinct. But the instinct to keep things familiar.

And this comes with some challenges. 

Letting go of the old in order to make room for something even better, a.k.a. learning life lessons, is not exactly in alignment with keeping things as they are.

The art of mastering this skill requires leaps of faith. Trusting that the best is yet to come. Even when we don’t yet see it.

But the best never comes when we’re holding on to the good. We first need to let it go, so there’s room for the better.

Much love,